Terms of Service

Last Updated: [09/15/2023]

Welcome to www.empexindustries.com ("Site"). Empex Industries ("we", "our", or "us") offers a holistic web and app design/development service focused on delivering a premium user experience without the high initial cost. Instead, our model pivots around ongoing monthly fees to ensure the digital assets we create remain functional, relevant, and secure. Depending on your service package, the services below may or may not apply to you.


    Premium Brand Tailored Website:
    Our design team ensures that your website mirrors your brand’s ethos and aesthetic.
    Fast Page Load Times: Optimized for quick load to ensure user retention.
    Mobile Optimization: Ensuring compatibility and smooth operation on various mobile devices.
    Monthly Support (within reason): Website revisions and addressing any concerns or issues.
    Website Revisions (within reason): Keeping your site current and evolving as per your needs.
    Amazon Web Hosting: Reliable and robust hosting for your website. If upgraded hosting is needed, price is subject to change.
    Integrated Google Analytics: Track website traffic and gain insights on visitor behavior.
    SSL Website Security: Encryption-based security to protect user information and enhance trustworthiness.

    Premium App Design: A user-friendly interface tailored to your brand.
    Monthly Support (within reason): App revisions and addressing any concerns or issues.
    App Revisions (within reason): Adaptations as needed to ensure your app continues to serve your audience.
    Integrated Solutions: For a seamless operation within your app's ecosystem. If integrations are needed with software that requires any monetary form of payment, price is subject to change.
    Hosting: Reliable hosting services for your app. If upgraded hosting is needed, price is subject to change.
    SSL Security: To ensure your app’s data remains private and secure.


  • If the client provides any assets or items utilized in the project, the client assumes the legal responsibility for these assets. EMPEX presumes that the client has obtained the necessary license(s) or ownership for each item. EMPEX will not be held responsible for any liabilities concerning these assets.
  • While the client retains ownership of all content provided for the website, the structural integrity and design of the website are the proprietary creations of EMPEX. The website must remain on EMPEX’s servers during the service duration. Should the client desire to terminate the service and retain the website, an overall valuation of the website will be provided, giving the client an option to purchase the website. Until such a time, EMPEX simply provides ongoing support and hosting for website that was created.
  • EMPEX reserves the right to use any assets shared with them, or any creations such as logos, websites, general designs, etc., in any manner deemed appropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, marketing, portfolio showcases, and other business-related activities.


  • No Long-Term Contracts: This agreement is not a long-term binding contract but an acknowledgment of services rendered by EMPEX and an agreement to the terms set within.
  • Limitation of Support & Revisions: While EMPEX commits to unlimited support and revisions within some of their service offerings "within reason," it implies that requests should not be excessive, unrealistic, or outside the scope of initial project understanding.
  • Changes to Terms : EMPEX retains the right to modify the monthly support fee as well as any terms in their terms of service. Clients will be given a 30-day written notice before any price changes.
    Termination: Either party can cease this agreement with written notice, ensuring all due payments are settled.

Any payment from the client towards EMPEX acts as client acknowledgement towards the understanding and agreement towards the services and terms presented in this document.


If you have questions or concerns about this Terms Of Service, please contact us at: hello@empexindustries.com